StoryFair offers

75% audiobook royalties

to authors and publishers

(compare to as low as 25% on Audible)

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The best royalties in the business.

75% royalties of the funds received for every sale after credit card fees.  And we don’t upcharge.  If we get $20 from the credit card transaction, you get $15.

Get paid FAST.

Get paid by the 10th of the month for all sales completed in the preceeding month, less any returns.

A great experience for readers.

When readers purchase your audiobook, they can immediately access it in their StoryFair mobile app.

It’s time to start treating storytellers fairly.

(In fact, it’s well past time.)

Amazon keeps as much as 75% of the sales price of an audiobook.

When’s the last time you thought about how absurd that is?

If you sign an exclusive seven-year deal with Audible, they still keep 60%. You wrote the book, you got it narrated, you paid for audio editing, you paid for the cover, you’re spending the money to market the book to get people to buy it on Amazon… and they get the lion’s share of the revenues.

If you’re an author or publisher selling audiobooks through Amazon (or the like)…

…you’re getting robbed. 


The problem is, where else can you sell your audiobook …

  •  where customers can easily download the book…
  •  they don’t have to learn how to side-load it onto a third party app…
  •  and you’re actually paid fairly for your work?

The answer is StoryFair.

When you list your audiobook on StoryFair:

We offer FAIR terms. You own your work. We ask for no rights for reproduction or derivative works

We’ll build you a beautiful sales page for your audiobook

You’ll get your own custom link you can share on social media or use in your ad campaigns

Readers can buy the book and download it to the StoryFair app (available on Android and iOS)

You can set your sales price. Minimum pricing starts at $0.99.

You’ll be paid a 75% royalty of funds received per transaction (the best royalty in the industry)

No hidden fees are deducted from your sales price, ever. You’ll get 75% of what we get from the credit or debit card transaction.

In the future, we’ll be hosting publisher rewards programs where you can earn even more in royalties by meeting certain criteria.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch.  We don’t require an exclusive agreement. The app is free for readers. No DRM. You can take down your sales pages and stop selling your books with StoryFair any time you like.

Oh… and one more thing…

You get paid fast. For all sales in a calendar month, we’ll pay your royalties, less any returns, on the 10th of the following month. We’ve got no reason to hold on to your money – you need it for marketing. You need it to pay your bills. It’s your money.

Get started now.