StoryFair is out to change the audiobook industry with the highest royalty rates ANYWHERE.

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StoryFair pays 75% royalties of the funds received for every sale to our authors and publishers. The ‘big’ retailers pay as little as 25%.

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We need you to help us spread the word.

StoryFair can change this industry, and ensure authors and narrators earn their fair share… but we need your help. 

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Anyone can become an affiliate partner, whether you’re an author, a publisher, an influencer, or an audiobook fan.

Once your affilate account is live, you’ll get your own affilate code, and you can add it to any link to any of our audiobooks, on your social media, website, email newsletter, carrier pigeon… however you like.

We’ll provide you with easy-to-use tools to make widgets you can add to your website or blog, and right-sized images to share on social media.

When you refer a new listener to StoryFair and they make a free account, you’ll earn between 2.5% and 10% commissions on EVERY purchase that listener makes on StoryFair, for a full SIX months. Your commission tier depends on your total sales volume for the month. Sell more, earn more!

If you refer a sale to someone who is already part of another affiliate’s customer family, you and the original affiliate will each get 50% credit for the sale in commissions.

See real-time reports on your affiliate links to gauge how much traffic you’re sending to StoryFair, so you can optimize your affiliate campaigns.

In the future, we’ll be hosting extra affiliate rewards programs where you can earn even more in commisions by meeting certain criteria.

We’re taking pre-registrations for our 2024 affiliate program now.

To get started and indicate your interest for our program, we’ve got a few quick questions for you. Don’t worry… it’s not an application. Everyone will be accepted. But we’d like to get a feel for the potential popularity of our affiliate program before we officially launch.

If you think you’d like to become an affiliate, please answer the questions below, and we’ll put you at the top of the list when we open this up to the public!

Thanks in advance… and welcome to StoryFair!

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