The mission: Put an end to author exploitation in the audiobook industry

There’s a problem in the audiobook business. A MAJOR problem. Did you know that when you purchase an audiobook on Audible, Amazon keeps as much as 75% of the cover price of the book? The average price of a major publisher/new release audiobook is in the $24 range. That means Amazon keeps at least $18.00… after fees, it’s actually a little bit more.

That leaves very little for the publisher, authors, and narrators to divvy up, and ultimately, it means that readers are by and large paying exorbitant audiobook prices to do one thing above all else… pad Amazon’s pockets.


There’s now an alternative: StoryFair

We’d like to become an alternative to exploitative platforms out there like Audible. It’s fair for a retailer to earn something for hosting books, creating a store, building mobile apps, taking care of customers, helping publishers and authors… it’s a valuable service, it’s expensive to build and support, and it’s a lot of work. But it’s DEFINITELY not worth 75% of the cover price of an audiobook.


That’s why StoryFair pays 75% royalties to its authors and publishers

By far, we offer the most generous royalty system out there, three times as much as a non-exclusive Audible audiobook.


Speaking of exclusivity… no such thing at StoryFair.

Authors and publishers can sell their audiobooks on StoryFair without restriction, for as long as they like. We don’t require any minimum length of time to list an audiobook on StoryFair. We don’t lock authors or publishers into a contract. We don’t dictate to them where they can sell their audiobooks, or for how much.


And we pay our authors quickly.

Within 10 days of the end of a month, royalties go out. That’s faster than any other major audiobook retailer.



Why are we doing all this?

Two reasons: first, because we’re authors, too. We know how tough it is to earn a living as an author. Second, we’re readers! If StoryFair succeeds, authors and publishers won’t need to charge so much for audiobooks. They can earn a great royalty on their work, and if they choose to do so, they can pass on some of those savings to customers with reduced prices. We strongly beleive they’ll do so, given the chance.


So, how can you help?

The SINGLE best way would be to share this page. Share it on Facebook, on Twitter, email your friends and family the link. If you know an author, share our link with them. If you know someone in the publishing business, share this page to them. If you’re in an authors group, or a readers group, share, share, and share some more.

The sooner we can grow our library, and the sooner we can serve customers, the more we can invest in great features for the StoryFair apps.

If you believe in what we’re doing, please click one of the share buttons below. We’re SO grateful you’re here, and we hope to give you more features, more books, and a better overall audiobook experience as we grow. Thanks! And be sure to download the app below if you haven’t yet…we’ve included a free audiobook from one of our founders 🙂

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