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Hi there!

I’m fantasy author Eric T Knight, one of the co-founders of StoryFair, and I want to enthusiastically welcome you!

To celebrate our recent launch, I wanted to give you a free gift – one of my audiobooks from the Chaos Legacy. For those of you new to my work, Chaos Legacy is a collection of three series, comprising 17 books. Listed below you’ll find the first book in each series. Note that the chronological reading order is to start with Wreckers Gate, from Immortality and Chaos, but you can start any of the three Chaos Legacy series you like, as they work fine as stand-alone series.

I’m proud to have had these narrated by some AMAZING narrators, including the award-winning pair of Michael Kramer & Kate Reading for Wreckers Gate, Henry Kramer & Jenna Doulong for Stone Bound, and Sean Antony for The Knights of Dragonwatch.

To get these titles for free:

Just use the coupon code STORYFAIRERIC at checkout, and you won’t even need to pull out your credit card.

Have at it, and welcome to StoryFair… the FAIR way to buy and sell audiobooks.