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Some things to take into account when setting your audiobook price:

  • We allow you to set your audiobook price as low as 99 cents.
  • For low-priced books however, keep in mind that we pay 75% of the cover price in royalties after credit card fees. For example, a 99c book might have a 3% credit card fee, but we also face minimum processing fees of 30-35 cents, depending on the card type used. So we might net only 61 cents or so for the transaction, making your royalty only about 45 cents.
  • This could be a great price point for series starters, or for temporary promos to introduce readers to your work, so don't rule it out!
  • Keep in mind also that some Audible subscription plans have deals that average about $8 per title; if your goal is to make more sales, competitive pricing is important, and with our higher royalties, you'll earn more on StoryFair in most cases, even with a lower retail price!
  • Here are some possible ranges you might consider for pricing your titles:
    • New Release, full length titles: $7.99 - $24.99, depending on length
    • Backlist standalone titles: $4.99 - $14.99
    • Series Starters for long, complete series: $0.99 -$7.99 (lower than your usual backlist pricing)
    • Short-term Promotional Pricing: At least 50% off your regular pricing
    • Short Stories (under 4 hours): $0.99 - $4.99
  • In some cases, there are good reasons to go outside of these ranges. But remember, we don't charge membership fees, so your prices are always ala-carte!
  • Remember also that you can always change your price later.

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